Saturday, May 8, 2010

Afton turns 2!

My baby turned two last month. Yes last month. I have been horrible about posting! And I feel so bad that I put this off and am posting about her birthday almost 2 months later. Anyways as I said Afton turned 2 last month and I am pretty sure she knew that is was her birthday the moment she woke up! I went in to get her and the first thing she said was "I want pancakes!". And of course it was her birthday so I made her pancakes. Well again she must have known that she was now 2 because she started acting TERRIBLE!!!! I could not make her happy and she had a fit about anything. I was having a hard time trying to be nice to her because it was her birthday.
That night we decided to take her to build a bear. Well we got there and we were trying to pick out a bear, terrible. Then finally I just grabbed one and we tried to pick out an outfit, terrible. All in all bad experience. But she did enjoy dinner.
The Sunday before her birthday we had family over for a little party. And I had my first attempt at making birthday cake.
Even though we are now thrusted into the terrible 2's, My little girl is such a joy. We love her so much and so blessed to have her. I love her spunkiness. She is very strong willed and loves to have a good time. And best of all she loves her mommy! She is starting to be a little mother and loves babies. She is always telling Carson when he can or can't do something. She will be a great big sister one day (far far in the future!).
I love you my pretty princess.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


We had our first set of stitches this week. So guess who it was? No not Carson. Afton. But I am sure some of you could see that one coming. But unfortunately I am the one to blame. We were moving some furniture and she snuck up behind me and I got her right in the eyebrow. It was not very hard but hit her perfectly to where it sliced it. As some of you know head wounds bleed a lot at first, and I was in a panic. We rushed to the instacare and the sewed her up. It was only four stitches but as a mother I felt horrible. The nurse kept asking if I was ok. With my kids I know this wont be the last urgent visit but I hope they are few and far between.

p.s. Stitches are now out and it looks great. Might have a little scar but not to noticable I hope.


Well it is that time of year again. Bring on the birthdays! This year my big boy turned 4! Wow four years old can you believe it. Well I can't. Time has gone by so fast. I know I say that every birthday.
We had a super bowl/b-day party at our house on Sunday. My moms birthday was on Saturday so we met in the middle and celebrated both. He got a power wheels truck from mom, dad, Afton, and g & g Kuttler. And he also got a BYU football outfit from the other grandparents. The next day was his birthday so we took him to this new pirate island place. Yeah it was just like Chuck E Cheese. And a couple of days later he had his party with his friends at Kangaroo Zoo. Yes it was a festivous.
Carson has been such a joy in our lives. We love being his parents and having him as a part of our family. He has so much life and passion for it. He is always willing to try anything and always tries to do his best. Right now he is a BIG super hero fan. He loves anything super hero, but batman is his favorite. He loves school and has many friends. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for this little man. We love him so much. Happy Birthday!
Carson and Grandma Moss (and grandpa!)
Helmet, shoulder pads. Now he just needs cleets!

Already has his truck full of girls!
Grandma Kuttler made this awesome cake.
King of the bug room.


Shooting each other with nerf blasters.

Roughing it!

So for my birthday this year I thought it would be a good time to go up to the cabin and do some snowmobiling since my b- day was on a holiday. Well it was a good thought. We got there and the water at the cabin was not working and the snowmobiles decided they wold not either. So we decided since we were there that we might as well stay the night. Yes that means I had no running water for a whole day! Ok I know it was not that bad. My in laws had everything covered, good thing there was A LOT of snow out side to melt, and you really did not even notice that there was no water (except when you had to use the bathroom). It was a good time either way. And Afton loved snowmobiling so much that she stayed up ALL night trying to get someone to take her on a ride. (No joke all night!)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 09

Wow how time flies! Ya it has been a while since I last posted but you know that lame excuse of being busy and all. Well Christmas has come and gone and here is is the new year. We had a great Christmas this year. We got to stay home and have Christmas at our house this year. My parents came and stayed over so they were there for Christmas morning. This year it was really fun because Carson knew exactly what was going on and had all the anticipation. And of course that rubbed off on Afton. She did not know exactly what was going on but she knew that anything wrapped up was something good.
Carson got a batman cave from Santa, Bumblebee shooter and mask from mom and dad and numerous presents from grandparents. Afton got a doll from santa, a FurReal dog from mom and dad. and yes she also got spoiled by the grandparents (but all she really wanted was candy so her favorite part was the stocking). Dustin got a front travel pack for his new 4 wheeler and the tiger woods golf game. I received a pocket video camera that I can now but videos on the internet (coming soon when I actually sit down to figure it out!). And I also got an I pod dock. Yes it was a great Christmas.
Later that night Dustin's family came down from Idaho. We opened more presents and had some fun with them. The next day we have a little tradition of going bowling the day after Christmas. This was my kids first time actually bowling believe it or not. They both loved it! And Carson really got into it. We all had a great time hanging out with our families and are so blessed to have them in our lives.
Christmas Sunday
Christmas Eve dinner
Christmas Jammies
Yummy chocolate fountain
Bat Cave!

Carson's Loot
Afton and her candy
Her baby
The diva!
"asleep" on the jump o lene

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween this year was kind of a quick stop for us this year. I love halloween time but this year there were also a lot of other things going on. Anyways I am thankful I got some pictures so I can look at them and remember. Carson was a monster (woo hoo not a superhero!) and Afton was a bumble bee. They were so excited to go trick or treating. Afton who is my candy fanatic thought that it was pretty cool that if she dressed up people would just hand her candy. It was pretty cold outside and she did not have the warmest outfit on. She kept saying "I cold!". I would ask her do you want to just go back home and she would say "no!". So shivering she would follow her brother tho the door and say "candy?". And of course Carson was done when his bag was full (good thing I bought small ones!).
A cute thing that Carson uttered before we left to go trick or treating. We had some candy left over in their bags from a previous halloween party the day before. Afton had Carson's and was hiding it and trying to shove the candy in as fast as she could. We said he Carson she is stealing your candy. And he said "It's ok mom I will get plenty tonight." What a sweet brother.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Other Half

So I actually did it! I ran my first half marathon. The race was called The Other Half and took place in a the canyon outside of Moab. It was so beautiful and an awsome experience. My friend Heather trained and ran it together. And since it was in Moab our husbands decided to come and we made it a fun weekend getaway. We left the kids with the grandparents and headed out.

We got there late on Friday night because of a flat tire. Woke up on Sat. had breakfast and headed out on a day long 4 wheeler ride. Dustin was excited to play with his new toy. We also rented a ranger so we all could ride. There 6 of us. Ryan (Heathers husband) had been to Moab before and took us on a trail that he said was not very hard but it was. I was scared almost the entire time but it was still really fun.

And Sunday was race day. Woke up about 5:30. Got to the shuttle @ 6:30. Stood in the freezing cold waiting for the shuttle (w/short shorts on) till about 7:30. Race started at 8:30. The scenery was breathtaking. I got hyped up on caffeine and had a great run. Any thing else?. . . .
Oh yeah I finished!! I think I got a pretty good time even with a bum knee, and I will definatly do it again.